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Samantha resides near Jacksonville, Florida with her canine, Lacey. After many years of struggling with eating disorders and depression, she became absolutely determined to make changes. She is now a healthy young woman by way of ensuring she feeds her body balanced and delicious meals and exercises to gain strength and confidence. She hopes that her posts embody her encouraging methods, for those simply seeking a healthier lifestyle and especially for those who may identify with Samantha on a more personal level. Wherever one may fall on this spectrum, Samantha’s shares under the BODY category are for everybody seeking more self-respect and strength, both physically and mentally.

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Roxanne is currently a behavioral health resident with a PhD in clinical psychology. She just completed her pre-doctoral residency and relocated to The Sunshine State for licensure. She specializes in health psychology that encompasses everything from disordered eating to all trauma related issues. Her professional contributions to this platform are for the resilient and brave warriors, whom she says she grows along with during their most raw and vulnerable moments. “It’s an honor to be with them in their journey,” she exclaims, and hopes to connect with and advocate for more individuals under the MIND category.

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Athena spent over a decade of her young adult life struggling with poor mental health and experiencing its manifestation through various disorders and addictions. With few resources and a DIY attitude, she sought recovery through both conventional and unconventional methods. Her unique perspectives and a renewed sense of wonder for life and magic ultimately led her to the study of tarot and Wiccan ritual. She writes about the art of tarot and its pathways to personal growth and recovery under SOUL . Athena lives in Brooklyn with her life partner and their Senegal parrot, Pepe. She is a full-time creative and part-time tarot reader; devoting her art, crafts, and budding wisdom to help others achieve mental and emotional freedom.

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